Here is every type of Bristol Uni student you’ll see in the library during exam season

We can’t all be the girl with pastel highlighters and matching pukka pads

In the peak of deadlines and exam season, we’re all spending more time in the library than ever and it’s not difficult to spot the stereotypes in there. Especially when you spend more time people watching than doing any actual work.

There’s a whole spectrum of different people with some there to actually work and others who just stare into space wondering if they even need a degree. Here are the seven types of Bristol Uni student you’ll see in the library.

The one who has all the gear but probably no idea

If we’re being stereotypical this is the girl probably studying Sociology or Psychology who arrives at the library with her 12 pack of pastel and neon highlighters, fine liners and three co-ordinating pukka pads. They’re a sucker for a mindmap and multi-coloured flashcards.

No one really knows how much productive work they really get done but at least they look professional. This is an oddly specific assumption but they seem like the kind of person who used to put hearts above the letter ‘i’ in secondary school.

 The last minute worker

Easy to spot as the person sat in front of their laptop with their head in their hands, taking a big sigh then frantically hitting their keyboard wondering if this time they really have just left it too late.

However, by some miracle they always manage to hand their essay in at 11:59, even if it did mean staying up till 4am. It’s easy to have sympathy for this person because we’ve all been there and we all swear it will never happen again.

The procrastinator

If you’re reading this article in the library I’m calling you out. You probably sit down get all your belongings out, stare at them for a while, get your phone out to check your emails (life admin, that’s productive right?). You then maybe start writing a to-do list and read over that a few times. After you write a really pretty title in the middle of your page, you realise you’ve only got 45 minutes left and its probably better to just start tomorrow.*

*Note – this person runs out of tomorrows, realises they have 12 hours till their essay is due and turns into the last minute worker (see above).

The one who can’t wear a mask

This is a new addition to the library but seeing people with their mask just under their nose is a pretty familiar site for us all. This person probably very conveniently has a drink to hand at all times so when someone comes over and politely asks them to put their mask back on they have an excuse. Easily the most hated in the library – do NOT be this person.

The napper

Probably doing something like economics or politics which explains why they’re asleep. This person either finds their work so mind-numbingly boring they can’t help nodding off at their desk or more likely, they had a seriously heavy night but forced themselves to go to the library because slots are like gold dust these days.

Either way it’s hard not to feel sorry for them. Maybe it’s time we installed napping areas in all libraries? Someone start a petition.

The one who’s never been to the library before

Let’s call them a library virgin. Always a first year nervously scuttling around the library cringing every time their wide-leg jeans swish past each other and getting paranoid about how loudly their shoes are squeaking. They do a lap of the library trying to find their seat and everyone can sense their fear. They probably won’t come back to the library till second year.

The one who’s actually in there to get shit done

This person means business. They’ve booked two four hour slots in the library and they’re only leaving for their half an hour lunch break. They’re also definitely the kind of person who brings their own packed lunch to eat on a bench outside the library because walking to a coffee shop would waste precious working hours. We all laugh at them for being a swat but deep down we all wish we could be this organised.

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