Here are six fresh themes to try for your next room crawl

Can you get through all six in one night?

With clubs being the last to open in June, we know people are missing those sticky floors and three for £5 VKs. Like lots of students have taken to recently, my house decided to bring the club to our student house by trying out a “room crawl”. Each of the rooms had a different theme and different drinks.

If you have rinsed the room crawl night and are running out of themes, here are six you may have not tried – but definitely should.

1. Après (Ski Trip vibes)

We came up with this theme the night the ski trip was canceled. For this to be successful, you need to ensure everyone is drinking overpriced beer, maybe a nice European beer if you’re feeling fancy.

You’ll need to dance on everything but the floor (tables and chairs) and you could even create a ski shot. We used a piece of cardboard, cut 3 holes into, so we could place shot glasses into the ski. We also found the 2019 Val Thorens playlist from UBSC on Spotify for the ultimate uni Après experience.

Ski shot is a must

2. Lakota (or any Stokes Croft club)

This room involved some heavy, heavy, dark, dark DnB. The wall also had tinfoil on it? And on the computer monitor were psychedelic shapes. If your house has a projector, beam them around your room for trippy Lakota vibes.

3. Jungle

This room had leaves hung up all over and a jungle juice with small animals in it.

We played a game where you had to pick an animal out of a hat and ask each other what animal they had. If your animal was lower down on the room creator’s leaderboard than others you had to do a shot. For example, a Lion was above an Ant-eater.

We also had the smoke machine going, which made it seem as if you were trekking through the South-American jungle.

4. Spring Break

We had intended this room to be Cancun, but it turned into spring break. We bought a blow-up cactus, balloons that spelled “FIESTA” and all wore swimming shorts and flowery shirts.

Using my desk we created a semi-professional-looking DJ set up, which was essentially my laptop connected to the speaker. We also made mango margaritas for everyone, which led to most of it ending up on my carpet.

5. Gap Yahhh

I’ve never been to South East Asia, I didn’t have a gap year before stepping into this room for that matter, but the corridor was turned into a plane and suddenly I was jetting off to Bali.

Once in the room drinks were in coconuts, which posed a few issues as they tended to have holes in so you couldn’t hold that much drink in them, but they were still fun.

6. Prohibition Era

This was possibly the best theme anyone came up with. The room was turned into a “Speak easy” bar with a curtain across the door and a password to get in, we were then given tokens to buy alcohol.

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