Police shutdown illegal lockdown party at Unite House hall

Body-cam footage shows party-goers running out of the building as police arrive

Two 19-year-old men were fined after police raided a student lockdown party in Unite House.

Shocking body-cam footage shows dozens of students mingling in groups in the hallway. In the video, taken by the Avon and Somerset Police, party-goers can be heard talking loudly to each other and shouting “go” as police arrive.

The police swiftly broke the party up and two men were punished with fines for breaching lockdown rules. Most attendees fled the party and were not apprehended by police.


No university security was present at the scene as the property belongs to Unite, not the university.

Fines for breaking lockdown can be anywhere between £200 and £6,400 for repeat offenders. Organisers of large parties (50+ people) can be charged £10,000, however it is not known how much the two 19 year olds were fined.

Avon and Somerset Police Chief Inspector Justin French condemned the behaviour of party goers stating: “It’s hard to believe those involved in this gathering would be so reckless and act without care to thought about the impact their actions will have on the community in which they live.

“We have dedicated patrols in place to respond to breaches of Covid-19 legislation and officers and staff will continue to work round-the-clock to play their part in helping to stop the further spread of the virus.”

A spokesperson for the University of Bristol told ITV they were “disappointed” by the situation and will “follow this up internally”

The university is currently investigating and will take “appropriate disciplinary action as necessary.”

It was reported in December that Bristol Uni had issued over £15,600 in Covid-related fines between October 5th and November 24th. 138 students were fined either £100 for attending an illegal gathering, or £250 for organising an illegal gathering.

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