Are you really a Bristol Uni student if you don’t know everything on this Bristol A-Z?

Thank us later, freshers

Congrats – you made it to Bristol! It might not be the Freshers’ Week you imagined, but Bristol still has so much to offer, places to explore, and even more good times ahead when things eventually go back to normal.

Finding your feet might be a bit difficult, which is why we’ve created the ultimate A-Z guide for everything you’ll grow to love during your time here…

A is for ASS

The Arts and Social Sciences Library (aka the ASS) might not be the most Insta-worthy building that the university has to offer, but with a reputation for “eye-fucking” and the best name on campus, this is where procrastination levels and sexual tension run equally high.

B is for Bosco

With two locations on Whiteladies Road and in Clifton Village, they serve the best pizza in Bristol, and maybe the world.

C is for Clifton Suspension Bridge

A view you’ll never get sick of and always a stop for a photo op. The observatory is a solid activity for when the parents come to visit.

D is for Downs

Separating Stoke Bishop from the rest of the world, the Downs provide a great green space for BBQs, sport and chilling in the sun. A word to the wise – please don’t walk through here at night.

E is for Eat A Pita

Vegans rejoice! Eat A Pita serves up Bristol’s best falafel and humous for days.

F is for Flares

Undeniably the uniform of every Bristol girl. With a groovy chick as the ultimate style icon, owning a pair of these garms is part of the initiation. F is also for freshers flu, which will “bless you” for the entirety of first term.

G is for Gravity

Inevitably (once clubs reopen) where you’ll spend every Monday of First Year, making very regrettable decisions and life long friends in the smoking area.

H is for Hills

They may never get easier but at least they call it the “Bristol bum” for a reason

I is for Independent

From coffee shops and thrift stores to it’s own city-wide currency, embrace your own first taste at independence with all things deliciously west-country.

J is for Jason Donervan

Parked right next to the triangle, Donervan will always be there  to soak up the Jeager bombs with with greasy food that you will inevitably try (and fail) to smuggle onto the U1. Rumour has it, if you stay late enough, he might even give you free chips before he drives off into the night, if you ask nicely.

Photo: @ledarville on instagram

K is for Kongs

Down on the beautifully cobbled King Street, Kong’s offers a great pint and a chance to challenge you new-found friends to a game of Ping Pong, Table Football or one of their old-school arcade games.

L is for Lizard Lounge, Lola Lo, Lakota and Love Inn

Whether you want cheesy tunes and toffee vodka, Hawaiian vibes and sticky floors, heavy DnB until 6am or great DJs and cool interiors, the Bristol nightlife truly offers something for everyone, once they’re back open again, of course.

M is for Motion

Featured in the top 20 clubs in the world, not that we like to brag about it. It may be on the other side of town, but the legendary warehouse is worth the trek.

N is for NOS

You’ll be finding balloons and those little silver canisters all over the streets of Redland during your time at Briz.

O is for OMG

Another one for post-social distancing, but OMG is the best gay club in town. With dancing cages, £1.50 Jaeger Bombs and a 2am drag show on Wednesday’s, what’s not to like? Its also open as a bar for now.

P is for Parsons or Pinkmans

Always the eternal question when it gets to lunch time. With one selling £1 coffees and a meal deal of dreams and the other serving up great pizza, sarnies and sourdough donuts, we won’t blame you for stopping by both. P is also for Pizzarova, serving up amazing pizzas for your incline up Park Street.

Q is for Quidditch

Arguably the most wonderfully bizarre society the SU has to offer. Seeing its members literally running around on brooms on the Downs is an absolute treat.

R is for Redland

It may be less aesthetically pleasing than Clifton but Redland is where the entirety of Stoke Bishop migrates to in 2nd Year. When housing comes around, this is where you’ll want to be.

S is for Squodka

The delicious, aromatic and highly sophisticated cocktail of vodka and diluted squash – cheap, cheerful and (apparently) keeps you hydrated, so you (probably won’t) wake up feeling fresh for you 9am.

T is for Taka Taka

Because who doesn’t want chicken gyros and halloumi fries at the end of a night out? Located on The Triangle, this is the drunk food of Greek gods. T is also of course for The Tab, never failing to provide you with the latest goss from in and around campus – join us!

U is for U1

The Bristol Uni bus service, carting freshers between Stokey B and uni. It’s a journey you’ll grow to hate but at least freshers get a free bus pass.

V is for VK

The sickly sweet, brightly coloured drink keeping your sugar levels high on Wednesday Sports Night at Gravity. It’s said that the flavour you choose says A LOT about you so pick your poison wisely.

W is for Wills

With its beautiful grounds looking like something straight out of Harry Potter, Wills is the halls everybody loves to hate. You’ll be singing “the wills on the bus go rah rah rah” on the U1 before you know it as its residents look down on the rest of Stoke Bishop (literally).

X is for X-Rated

Something you never want to get with your flatmate, trust us.

Y is for Yes

The magic word you should say to (almost) every opportunity that comes your way in first year. You never know who you could meet, so be open to everything.

Z is for Zumie Zumie

Scraping the barrel here but a solid ice breaker drinking game for your first few weeks in halls. Z is also for Zoo, where the penguins provide some decent entertainment for when the parents come to visit.

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