It’s official: Bristol is the best uni in the whole country for Engineering

I guess we should stop making fun of you Engineers for going to your 9ams now

The Guardian has placed Bristol Uni 11th in the country and first for general Engineering and Mechanical Engineering in its new 2021 UK Uni rankings.

Bristol sit just outside the top ten, but placed above Edinburgh, UCL, Exeter, Leeds and, most importantly, UWE.

This is a dramatic improvement from last year, where UoB placed 23rd in the UK.

The Guardian UK uni rankings are different to other world rankings, such as the QS World Ranking and The Complete University Guide, as they take a student-focused approach in their scoring rather than focusing on research produced by the university.

Earlier this year, according to the QS World Ranking, Bristol Uni ranked 58th in the world.

Universities are scored on elements such as course satisfaction, teaching quality and feedback given by final year students in the National Student Survey (NSS). They are also judged on staff-student ratio, money spent per student, continuation of student’s in to second year and the percentage of graduates in a job after 15 months.

Overall, 85.7 per cent of Bristol graduates were satisfied with the quality of teaching, 85 per cent of graduates found a job within 15 months of leaving university, and only 3 per cent dropped out after first year.

Within the individual subject rankings, Bristol came out on top for general Engineering with Cambridge and Imperial College following closely behind in second and third place.

UoB also placed second for civil engineering, with 100 per cent of graduates finding employment within 15 months of leaving university according to the ranking table.

Other Bristol courses that reached the top 10 in the UK include History, Music and Philosophy, along with a few of the sciences such as Bioscience, Anatomy & Physiology and Economics.

If you study Psychology, however, you are better off heading up the road to the UWE campus as they scored 12th in the UK for Psychology while Bristol Uni scored 51st (#awks).

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