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Bristol Uni to accept A-Level applicants who have met the terms of their offers after U-Turn

Those with offers through clearing are still guaranteed a place

The University of Bristol have announced that they will be accepting A-Level applicants who have met the terms of their offers after the government U-Turn.

They have also reassured applicants who received an offer through Clearing or Adjustment that their place is secure regardless of any changes to results.

The U-Turn in how A-Level grades are assessed follows nation wide distress over students missing their university places due to being awarded grades predicted by an algorithm, and not by their teachers.

Bristol Uni have said: “While we await further advice from UCAS and the Government on how results will be processed, our Admissions Team is working hard to manage student re-grades and release decisions as quickly as possible.

“Where programmes have an externally determined cap (such as dentistry or medicine) or there are other constraints such as health and safety considerations, we may need to defer the offer for a year.”

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