All the best memes from the historic fall of the Colston statue

Because our generation can’t help but historicise an event with a meme

Yesterday saw the historic moment where the statue of a slave trader, Edward Colston, was torn off its plinth in Bristol city centre and rolled into the harbour at the Black Lives Matter protest.

Naturally, for our generation, the internet has glorified this moment in the way it knows best; through memes.

Here are some examples of the quality content created to mark this historic occasion:

Wiki worked hard

Upon protesters rolling the Colston statue in to the harbour, Wikipedia changed their bio for Colston, noting that he ‘won the inaugural Bristol diving championship of 2020, with a well received forward tumble scoring 8.8 points’.

Colston statue rolls into the harbour to the song ‘Good Form (feat.Lil Wayne)’ by Nicki Minaj

The fancam. The soundtrack. I can see it now quoted in history textbooks.

An absolute TUNE

What a soundtrack.

‘It’s… a piece of metal shaped like a racist slave trader’

No historic event is complete without at least a few Drag Race memes.

Naomi Smalls is sending Colston home

If you know, you know.

‘Well pick it up if it bothers you’

I think we could all get on board with seeing Home Secretary Priti Patel going for a nice little dive in the harbour.

TikTok came through, obviously

Colston said, ‘What’s going on, why am I wet?’

‘Hey… how y’all doin’

We all feel bad for the fish at the end of the day.

‘Hello, how are you, I am under the water, please help me’

A classic sound for a historical moment.

2020 Vol 1,2,3…

2020 is going to be a whole history module within itself.

Colston got an RKO

This one was inevitable, let’s be honest.

Fake Taxi got involved…

I’m just going to leave this one here…

Wiki back at it again

Feature image credit: @rhianna_jay, @cher0bia_, @silas.gc0 

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