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All the puppies you missed this weekend at the dachshund ‘Pup Up Cafe’

It can be confirmed that combining puppies and coffee is the best hangover cure.

Over 100 dachshunds gathered at Bristol's first ever 'Pup Up Cafe' on Sunday. The event brought owners and their dogs together, along with anyone who wanted to join them and meet some furry friends.

The Founder, Marcus Ackford, set up the company around seven months ago. It has since brought over four thousand dogs and their owners to one big puppy social.

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Luna was a little camera shy.

The event involved activities with ball pits and tunnels for the dogs to enjoy, trade stands to buy merchandise, refreshments (for both animals and humans) and photo booths.

But coffees and teas weren't the only refreshments going around, free 'puppucinos' were also being served. These were drinks for the dachshunds made with cream and fish-based dog treats. We decided to leave that one for the dogs to enjoy.

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We spoke to some of the owners about their furry friends:


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I was very lucky and got a cuddle.

Billy is four months old and still very tiny, he enjoys being cuddled and nestles into your neck when he's sleepy.


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Luna is twenty weeks and doesn't like staying still. She eats anything she's not supposed to and enjoys attacking her brother.


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Freddie was one of the older bunch at 14 months old. His greatest loves are sleep and food (relatable, right?) and his owner has lost four pairs of shoes so far, owing to his chewing habit.


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Baxter enjoyed running around and meeting all of the other puppies, constantly running under the table and chasing the others. His little owner was very proud and enjoyed showing him to us.

The event was, without a doubt, worth the early rise. You can keep up to date with the company here and on Facebook.

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A very happy flatmate.

Can we start a petition to bring them back to Bristol ASAP please?