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Erasmus students will not be affected by Brexit, UoB confirms

The University confirms that funding will be provided to support the program even if the Government fails to secure a deal with the EU

The Brexit vote has caused great concern for many Erasmus and International students over the last three years.

However, it has now been confirmed that Erasmus students will not be affected by Brexit.

The University stated last week that funding will be provided to support the program, even if the government fails to secure a deal with the EU.

The University of Bristol chief operating officer Robert Kerse said that there whilst there is “every indication” the UK Government will secure funding for the programme, the University has offered security to existing and future students.

Kerse stated, “We’ve committed to underwrite that cost if the Government does not provide that funding in the future.

“We will pick up that cost if we need to because we feel it’s so important to our institution.

“It’s so important that the graduates we produce will be the leaders of tomorrow and we very much encourage mobility – both inwards and outwards – because it gives young people a better educational and life experience."

Kerse also said that if it came to it, funding for the Erasmus program would be sought from a “re-prioritisation of existing choices."

University funding is another area that generated concern. UoB receives between £13-£19 million from the EU each year, representing 8-12 per cent of the total amount of funding. However, Kerse has said that the UK Government will continue to honour any research funding grants incase of Brexit uncertainty.

Mr Kerse said “Certainly the higher education sector is very well catered for by the government under any sort of Brexit agreement.

"The key point is the UK Government absolutely needs higher education institutions in the future for delivering the research and development which will make us stronger.”