Someone fell through the ceiling at Lakota last night

The extent of his injuries is not yet known

A man fell through the ceiling at Lakota last night, after the floor of club's balcony collapsed, causing a man to fall through onto the ground floor.

It is unclear as yet how hurt the man is, although eyewitnesses told The Bristol Tab they saw him on gas and air while being stretchered into an ambulance.

The club night featured DnB stars Kanine, Simula and T>I.

T>I had to stop playing for around 20 minutes as club-goers were left confused as to what happened.

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The hole

Charlie McCay, a second year student at Bath college, told The Bristol Tab: “Music stopped and the MC asked everyone to move out to the smoking shelter or away from where it happened.”

Another eye-witness who has requested to remain anonymous, saw security guards run into the scene, telling The Bristol Tab that the man “was on the floor and then carefully put onto a stretcher and taken away by paramedics.”

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After the man was taken away in an ambulance, the event continued as normal.

Lakota have been contacted for comment.