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There are still 100 tickets left for the Bristruths club night

Tickets give you post-Lounge Taka Taka deals

If you didn't manage to get your hands on tickets for the Bristruths Birthday Bash, fear not — there are still 100 tickets up for grabs.

These final tickets will be sold on the door of the event, at Lizard Lounge on February 4th.

Tickets being sold around campus today and yesterday sold out completely, with extensive queues.

One Bristruths fan said: "I got their 10 minutes before tickets were being sold at Royal Fort Gardens. The queue was around the maze and covered the width of the garden at that time.

"Tickets seemed to sell out five minutes after I queued. I overheard that people had queued the prior day only to get there just after tickets had sold out.

"Everyone wants to go – you can't be a true Bristol student and not want to."

The night celebrates the first birthday of Bristol's beloved Bristruths, and gives ticket holders post-club Taka Taka deals, merch and drinks offers at Lounge.

BURST and UBTV will be supporting the event, and all profit from the event will be donated to MIND UK.

Featured Image Credit: Bristruths Admin Team