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Rees-Mogg bucket hat sells for £70 in Bristol Uni Conservative Association auction

It wasn’t even that wavy

Earlier this year, we brought you the news that Bristol Uni's Conservative Association (BUCA) were holding a Jacob Rees-Mogg themed auction to halt their slide towards bankruptcy.

Like a kind of Tory Depop, a whole bunch of Rees-Mogg signed memorabilia was listed for purchase online. But, for anyone looking to bag one of the priceless Mogg-mentos, there's bad news: all the items, including the infamous bucket hat, have now been snapped up and some of the sale prices are pretty eye-watering.

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Union Jack not included

BUCA managed to bring in £670 as some enterprising Rees-Moggian teens shelled out to get their hands on the merch. The top sale price belonged to a miniature signed cricket bat, cliched by the nineteenth and final bid of one hundred and fifty Great British pounds.

That wasn't the only hefty investment either. The bucket hat, available in a delightful shade of JRM grey, fetched a sizable £69.50 while a pair of George Orwell books went for a cool £100 each.

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An absolute steal at £70

Speaking to the Tab Bristol, BUCA seemed delighted at the exposure generated by the auction, which came after they were forced to pay for security when they hosted Rees-Mogg in the spring.

"We are pleased that, at the least, the story has caused a debate on campus about free speech and we're actually planning an event with the Free Speech Society."

"We are also generally going to be much more active in supporting societies who have problems surrounding freedom of expression."

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Haha me too Jacob!

And, having smashed their £500 target, are there any plans flog more Tory garms in future? Should we keep an eye out for Boris Johnson bum-bags popping up around campus?

"I can't see that being quite as popular but it is an idea!"

Check out the full auction listing to see all the illustrious items that could have been yours.