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Dedicated UoB student gets Lizard Lounge tattoo

They haven’t asked for free entry into Lounge yet

Lizard Lounge is back and it’s here to stay, thanks in part to a huge outcry from UoB students last year. But few have shown as much dedication to our cherished triangle gem as Mike*, who has gone as far as to get the logo permanently tattooed on his lower right leg a few weeks ago. The Tab managed to catch up with him for an exclusive chat.

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Please note: This photo does not feature Mike

We asked Mike why he decided to get a logo of a club tattooed on his leg –he had this to say:

‘So it was a bit of a drunken night in Spoons last year where the idea was introduced to me. My mate got me on multiple claims to get the Lizard Lounge logo tattooed, so it was that or shave pretty much both my eyebrows off.'

'I was really fed up of getting eyebrow slits but the thing kind of fizzled out but kept being brought back up every so often. So, I was doing Bristol RAG’s Lost on Saturday, one of the challenges was to get a tattoo so in the end, I just thought fuck it and got it done.’

Please note: This photo does not feature Mike

Next, it was time to get down to the details of Mike’s escapades, he explained why the tattoo was quite so conspicuous:

‘I ended up in this tattoo parlour in Derby called Octopus Tattoo. They were awesome, but I wanted to get it quite small, but the guy said I would lose all the detail if I don’t go a bit big.’

On the matter of cost, Mike reported that the tattoo set him back £70, at average Lounge entry price that’s a minimum of fourteen flawless hazy nights hitting the floor (possibly quite literally) to Mr Brightside.

When asked how he plans to make a return on his investment, perhaps through free entry, Mike said that he hadn’t asked about it, as he thought it was ‘a bit bait’. In fact, Mike said Lounge 'might approach me [him], they’ve done it before when they saw a pic of me fashioning my own Lizard Lounge top.'

Yes, as it turns out this isn’t Mike's first rodeo when it comes to providing Lounge with a bit of free publicity, when the nightclub finally caved to pressure to return to Lizard Lounge.

Upon hearing the excellent news, Mike and a few of his mates ‘went into a bit of frenzy and decorated our [their] flat in Lounge related decorations and [I] converted one of my [his] old tops into a Lounge one using sharpies.’

Please note: This photo does not feature Mike

This sheer dedication to the triangle sesh has got Mike and five friends free entry on multiple nights. Now all that remains to be seen is if the tattoo is enough to sway Mr Lounge into offering one of his most dedicated patrons any more free nights — failing that, surely a toffee vodka or two wouldn’t go amiss?

*The name has been changed because Mike* doesn’t want to be accused of copyright infringement