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Let’s face it, The Noise Pages won’t stop student house parties

House parties aren’t going to stop all of a sudden

Students this year are being put under more pressure to stop having house parties by both The Noise Pages and university officials.

But solidarity between students is triumphing over this pressure as house parties continue and are as good as ever.

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Those attending, and hosting house parties should stay up to date with changes to make sure they can continue enjoying themselves in the proper student fashion.

Why should you care about the increasing pressure?

Those against house parties would say that Bristol is a city with a vibrant nightlife scene and we should take advantage of that rather than doing so in residential areas.

In one sense, they are right. Bristol has a multitude of clubs and events happening on every single day of the week.

But, taking away house parties, in the view of a student is like Noise Pages creator would say, "akin to an act of violence."

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These pictures do not relate to parties which have been reported.

House parties are something which young people have done since the beginning of student culture and it’s not going to suddenly stop.
The people filing complaints were once young too and certainly got involved themselves.

Running a website about students having fun is a strange thing to do

Since everyone found out about the Noise Pages it has created an even bigger divide than there was before between students and residents.

Saying that student parties are "akin to an act of violence" is quite frankly a massive stretch and basically equates to anti-student propaganda which isn’t the way to a student’s heart.

Letting students and neighbours solve their differences by themselves and without the aid of an over exaggerated website is the real solution to the problem.

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These pictures do not relate to parties which have been reported.


Again, when people are told not do something, they still do it. Bristol students are clearly strong in the face of adversity.

Regardless of these fines, house parties are continuing and going strong which means the university’s actions obviously aren’t working.

The university and The Noise Pages both need to re-think the way they are dealing with house parties because their current approach isn't going to put students on their side. If anything, it's worsening the relationship between us and them.