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Here’s what it’s really like to live in a flat with 22 people

The saddest part is not everyone fits in a group pic

When I tell people that I am sharing a self-catered flat with 22 people their jaw drops and eyes widen as they ask “but how do you cook dinner?”. I just laugh knowing that I would have had the same reaction about a month ago, but it’s really not as bad as you think!

Before uni, everyone told me about how important Freshers' Week was for getting to know your flat and it is especially important when you have twice the amount of names to learn.

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Living in a flat of 22 is actually great

Our 'Chunder / Do Bits’ chart is huge and growing in its tallies. Pre-drinks are literally a party and sometimes the best part of the night; although the flat below might disagree as once their kitchen started vibrating from our intense game of ZUMMY ZUMMY.

But what if you don’t fancy going out? Went too hard during Freshers'? The beauty about the amount of people is that there is always someone on the same vibe as you. Pile in to someone’s room and watch Friends on a tiny laptop screen or whip out the board games like Monopoly or Articulate (which should be student essentials and get VERY competitive). There are other ways to be social than hitting the clubs.

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Sometimes a fun night in is all you need

Let’s address the most controversial topic: dinner. In our flat we have two kitchens in the same room and a long dining table in the middle yet we still manage to be on top of each other while cooking.

When you hear “anyone seen my *insert cooking utensil here*” the havoc has started. From pesto pasta, curry, full roast dinners and some more questionable student dishes like noodles and bread, the diversity at the University of Bristol is well represented at dinner time.

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A lil bit of mess never hurt anybody

The next assumption is “I bet the kitchen is a state” and yes, most of the time it is. Obviously, some people care more than other about its cleanliness than others, but we all manage to keep our stuff clean… you just can’t see the worktops.

The bathrooms are also surprisingly well kept. We have 6 individual, spacious bathrooms between us with long mirrors (great for group selfies) and I have not yet had to queue for a shower!

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At least you can escape shower queues

So if you are coming to UoB and see ‘Hiatt Baker Self Catered Refurbished Blocks’ appear on your accommodation offer, do not panic! I have 22 flat mates and would not have it any other way; we have our own Instagram and are already planning our Christmas dinner!