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What your favourite social media says about you

Bet you got Insta


People would describe you as funny with a dash of insecurity. Every time you get tagged in Bristruth, for a slight moment you forget about the existential dread that haunts you daily. You’re not too difficult to please and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

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You probably use Briscrush to hit up your one true love


You’re a fuckboy whose most used phrase is, "wag one b, wys?" Pulling girls at Gravity Monday is the highlight of your week. You constantly send selfies flexing your muscles and showing off your ‘six pack.’ However, until recently, the only six pack you had is the one you bought using a fake ID.


You’re a basic bitch. Before Bristol you posted aesthetic pics wearing Uggs, whilst drinking pumpkin spiced lattes. Now you wouldn’t dare wear an outfit that wasn’t from Depop. What truly makes you unique is your love of flares and glitter makeup. Keep posting that original content, babes!!!

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Flares ftw


Someone’s a bit political. You’re the type of person people avoid talking to at house parties. Although most students are passionate about topical issues, they’re not all screaming about it.


There are two types of people who use WhatsApp extensively.
1)You use it for its high tech encryption system.
2)Most messages received are from your family.

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You talk to your mum more than anyone


You do an EFM degree. Your biggest achievement in life was securing that internship at JP Morgan Chase. You beat thousands of other candidates in the fait to become the most boring, biggest money sucking clone out there. If you meet most of your online connections through networking events, it might be worth reevaluating some of your life choices. Always remember, money can’t buy you love, but it can buy a LinkedIn premium account.

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Are you even an EFM student if you don't have LinkedIn?


You change your hair colour more than you change your mind. Your mum was wrong, dyed hair, facial piercings, and that pouty smoldering look wasn’t just a phase. However, now that you’re at uni, you slightly wish it was…