Bristol SU set up a safe car scheme to help students in emergency situations at night

Students can use the service even if they don’t have any money on them at the time

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Bristol Students' Union have set up a new scheme with cab firm V Cars to help transport students in emergency situations late at night.

The scheme will work by students calling a certain number and quoting Bristol University Safe Car Scheme. When their approved driver arrives, students will have to present their University ID card.

Bristol SU's tweet regarding the new car scheme

The student will then be driven to their hall of residence, a police station or hospital, depending on the situation they are facing at the time.

The scheme allows the student to pay the bill within 48 hours of the car ride, which means students can use the service if they don't have money on them at the time.

The scheme is designed to help students who find themselves in emergency situations late at night

Sally Patterson, Equality, Liberation and Access Officer, said: "It’s so important that our students can always get home safely- our obligation to support our members does not start and end on campus!"