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Meet the candidates running for Union Affairs Officer

Voting closes on Thursday

Chanté Joseph, 3rd year Social Policy with Quantitative Research Methods

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What makes you better than any other candidate going for the role?

‘I’m very embedded within the community of Bristol. I have a lot of reach because I have engaged with cultural societies. The broad scope of experiences that I’ve had across this university make me qualified.’

What part of your manifesto are you most proud of?

‘What makes my manifesto so lit is that I have several tangible ideas. Everything on my manifesto is deliverable and realistic, it is very future thinking.’

You have had a lot of experience, what are the 3 most useful things?

‘Setting up the mentoring scheme with ACS, raising money for Dominica in Black History Month and setting up Bristol is the New Black. It has really flourished into something great, we did our launch at Africa Eye and a panel event at Arnolfini.’

What is the biggest change you want to make in your role?

‘Free bus travel and for sports teams to Coombe Dingle and all inclusive Student Union app which other unis have.’

What is your favourite takeaway on a Bristol night out?

‘Taka Taka or Slix in Stokes Croft – the chicken wings are bang.’

Stanford, Politics and International Relations, current Union Affairs Officer

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Why are you running for the role again?

‘I feel that I’ve gained a really strong knowledge and understanding of how to do the job. Sabbatical roles are quite complex. It takes a while to get how everything works. Now I properly equipped and like I can deliver on all of my projects. There are projects that I won’t to get over the finish that I feel like a year isn’t enough for.’

What part of your manifesto are you to most proud of?

‘In terms of new stuff on the manifesto, there’s a manifesto to establish a new international students officer. Currently international students are poorly represented within sabbatical roles, the university is continuing to drive those numbers up. Having a place where international students are represented would be a game changer.’

Within the past year, what has been your biggest achievement?

‘I’ve secured a commitment from the university to have a second SU building at the heart of the campus. A big part of my ear has been trying to ensure that such a building contains things that students will enjoy. Bookable rooms, a food court, study spaces, dedicated space for postgraduate students. I know am currently working on having gender neutral toilets in the building. Not only does it increase the overall facilities that the SU can provide for students. We constantly get feedback that the SU is too far away, there will be a home for students in the SU which isn’t too far away. There is still work to be done on this.’

What is your favourite takeaway on a Bristol night out?

‘It probably would be Taka Taka. After a night out all food tastes, but Taka Taka actually has good food. But there is a big place in my heart for Donervan’s.’