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Etonocracy: New figures show that 224 Etonians have attended Bristol since 2010

Bet they all lived in Churchill

A Freedom of Information request has revealed that public school dominance is alive and well at the University of Bristol.

New figures show that since 2010 there have been some 224 undergraduate admissions from Eton, with 28 the average number of students per academic year.

2012/13 saw the most Old Etonians admitted with a whopping 40 in total. Since then numbers have fallen, with 30 in 2013/14 and 2014/15 before 26 in 2015/16 and 22 in 2016/17. 2017/18 saw the lowest in recent history with a paltry 20 'OEs'.

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They've got Eton style

Eton's website brags that "of the 260 or so boys who leave Eton each year, all but a few go on to university". Of the estimated 2080 boys who have left Eton since 2010 therefore, around 10.7% have attended Bristol University.

To try and shed some light on the unfathomable pull exerted by Britain's ninth best university on the world's leading public school, we asked a number of Etonians just why so many of them chose to head West for the cider and wavy garms of UoB.

First year alumnus Francis Stanford replied: "The allure of a safe haven for Oxbridge rejects, close to London makes Bristol the ideal stomping ground for the Old Etonian to assert his edgy streak whilst still having plenty of public school friends to reminisce about their school days."

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Putting the 'class' into 'entrenched class privilege'

Other Etonians were even more honest under the cloak of anonymity. One Etonian replied succinctly: "Because I didn't get into Cambridge." Another added: "To be honest it wasn't my first choice. But 224 is an incredible number in any case – Oxbridge is evidently diversifying their pool. Clearly they don't need a new library!"