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The best places in Bristol for a romantic Valentine’s meal this year

Wine and dine that special someone

Valentine’s Day is one of those days that can sneak up on you and catch you off guard.

If you want to make it to another Valentine’s Day with your special someone don’t forget! Better still, treat them to a candle lit meal and some good old fashioned romance and they’ll be yours forever.

Below are eight restaurants that won’t fail to impress…

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The Ivy Clifton Brasserie

What to expect: upper-middle class customers, impeccable service, low lighting and a delicious (if not a little pricey) meal.

Best for: a high end meal and impeccable service that will really sweep that special someone off their feet

Top tips: request a seat in the conservatory which is super romantic

Côte Brasserie

What to expect: lots of flickering candles and romantic lighting, friendly staff and a french-themed menu

Best for: a romantic candle lit meal that is student budget friendly

Top tips: get there before 7 and have the 2 course set menu for only £10.95

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The Stable

What to expect: a relaxed dining experience, rustic interior, long wooden tables and candles everywhere, great pizzas with quirky names (Billy the Goat is one of my favourites)

Best for: double dates or meals with friends if you’re single this valentines

Top tips: book in advance or you’ll have a long wait for a table

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Clifton Lido

What to expect: dazzling views of the water from the restaurant upstairs, food with really interesting flavour combinations and a simple yet stylish interior

Best for: the real foodies out there who want a really tasty meal plus a view of a twinkling lights reflected on the water

Top tips: prepare yourself for a small portion, this place is more quality than quantity

Pinkmans Bakery

What to expect: long tables and a relaxed dining feel, an exposed kitchen at the back where you can see the chefs bustling away as they prepare food, friendly staff

Best for: relaxed atmosphere and fairly priced (and big) pizzas

Top tips: leave room for something sweet afterwards as all of their cakes are to die for

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Bosco Pizzeria

What to expect: stylish interior with rustic walls, low lighting and shelves stacked with Italian style goods

Best for: truly incredible pizzas and stunning interior

Top tips: sit on the pizza bar and watch the chef make your pizza before your eyes

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What to expect: quirky interior, romantic lighting and a set menu if you arrive before 7pm (I think).

Best for: simple yet satisfying menu with all the classics you'd want for a relaxing meal (think burgers, steak and pies).

Top tips: arrive in time for the set menu which is more affordable and means you can have pudding without blowing the bank.

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The Grain Barge

What expect: dinner on a boat (how very Bristol!)

Best for: hearty meals and a beautiful view of the Bristol's harbourside

Top tips: if you're lucky, Valentine's day may coincide with one of their fabulous live music evenings

And for afterwards…no, not that – get your mind out the gutter. For pudding take a romantic walk hand in hand down Park Street to Swoon, an upmarket little ice cream parlor (just in case you’re melting after so much romance)!