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Bristol students unveil fabulous naked charity calendar – and we’ve got the juicy pics

‘Raising money and eyebrows’

Following the roaring success of last year's naked calendar, Bristol Raising and Giving's latest philanthropic effort involves new societies, new students and new charities for the 2018 edition.

Alongside old favourites such as the Athletics, Fencing, Waterpolo and Women's Rugby teams, new additions include the Big Band, A Capella and Korfball societies to bring the calendar a more eclectic cultural mix.

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A sing-tillating display from A Capella

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Rucking hell

With each society or team being given a month each, the remaining five slots are taken up by Medics Netball, Pool and Snooker, Tennis, RAG members and Roots Community Gardening.

Shot by up and coming Bristol snapper Bryan Wong, the calendar will cost £7 pre-sale, with 2 for the price of £12. Once they have arrived they will cost £8 each or 2 for £14. The SU are selling them online here and in their shop on the ground floor of the Richmond Building.

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Raising and Giving the people what they want

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Tree-mendous visuals from Roots Community Gardening

All profits from the naked calendar will be donated to Bristol RAG’s three partner charities, Trauma Recovery Centre, Jacari Bristol and Meningitis Now, alongside supporting the ongoing work of Bristol RAG.

These charities were chosen by a poll Bristol students as RAG's designated charities for 2017/18. The Trauma Recovery Centre facilitates the creative and purposeful recovery of young people facing trauma and crises in Bristol. Jacari Bristol tackles educational inequality by matching student volunteers with disadvantaged children who speak English as their second language. Meningitis Now supports those with meningitis and raises awareness to help students identify its symptoms.

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Featuring only one tromboner here

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Adept at handling balls

Commenting on the unveiling of the calendar, Head of RAG Jon Pont told The Tab: ""I've seen way too much junk for a straight guy, but I'd definitely do it again!"

Photographer Bryan Wong called the experience "surreal" and added: "It's been great fun to be part of this calendar, it's not the first time I've take naked photos for a group of people but we wanted to try something new this time and having everyone candidly blocking each other which certainly requires a lot of try & error. "

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Fencers looking on point as per

"The most frequently asked question during the week was how awkward I found during these shoots, the truth is that once you think of it as an art, there is nothing to make it awkward."

"Now the shoots were over, It's been fun to bump into people from the shoot, and they all started the conversation with "Great to see you when I'm clothed !". It's my pleasure to create that unique bond with lots of people from this".

You can order the naked charity calendar here.