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Vote: Which was the best Bristol Uni Halloween costume this year?

Featuring fast food and superheroes

So Halloween is been and gone and chances are you ended up celebrating it by merely adding a pair of cat ears or fake blood smear to your standard Tuesday night pulling gear.

However not all Bristol students are as flaky as that. Below are the grafters and the dreamers, the poseurs and the try hards who went the extra mile to dress up for Halloween 2k17.

We've scoured the furthest depths of Facebook and beyond to bring you the following costumes. Feast your eyes on the best Halloween costumes worn by Bristol students this year….

Best Bristol takeaway outfits

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'Donervan's darlings'- a tribute to a Bristol institution

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'Taka Taka girl #1'- she looks good enough to eat

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'Taka Taka girl #2'- a double serving of heaven

Best dressed crime busters

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'Mystery Inc'- like, wow

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'Sew-pergirl'- this second year actually embroidered her whole ensemble

Best 90s TV series costume

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'Ab Fab ladies'- very "hip"

Best dressed villains

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'Suicide Squad'- unlike the film, these outfits didn't disappoint

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'Killer Clown'- putting the 'It' into 'Lit'

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'Suicide Squad 2.0'- this line up looks much more fun to watch

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'Bane & bros'- 10/10 from him, shame the sidekicks let it down

Most 'out of this world' outfit

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'Green Giant'- get your Claws into this one

Best dressed fictitious characters

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'Snow White and the 7 wingmen'- sure she found her prince that night xox

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'118 118 118'- props to the one guy who grew his own tache

Which of these 13 was the best? Vote for your favourite costume below: