Breaking: Taka Taka to open huge new store SEVEN times the size of the one on Clifton Triangle

Right next to Cabot Circus


The Tab Bristol can today announce that Taka Taka is set to open a new restaurant next February to add to its two existing branches on Clifton Triangle and in Bath.

The new Taka Taka will be based next to New Bridewell Police Station- a short walk from SWX- and is set to be seven times as big as the existing eatery in Bristol.

The size of the store will allow it to encompass a Greek supermarket, stocked with the finest Hellenic goods available in the West Country, alongside an extended business counter to fit more queuing customers into the store.

And on the eighth day, God created Taka Taka

And on the eighth day, God created Taka Taka

Stelios Barbidis from Head Office explained the thinking behind this expansion: “The Taka Taka brand was born with the idea to offer high quality and exceptional products.”

“Taking this idea in consideration, we are proud to say that the taste that both brands of Taka Taka provide to their customers is easily achieved simply because we use locally sourced products handcrafted especially for us. Likewise, meat products delivered from Greece exclusively for our brand, represent the recipes of the old Taka Taka in Corfu, Greece.”

“One of the plans for the new store is to explore the morning perspectives by serving Greek breakfast which will include freshly made pastries and sandwiches.”

“The new concept will also include traditional Greek and healthy recipes for our afternoon menu 'Mama’s Homemade Specials.' Daily cooked food with secret recipes from moms all around Greece will be brought in Taka Taka and will taste just like home.”

Taka Taka has continued to enchant students since opening in 2009

Taka Taka has continued to enchant students since opening in 2009

Talking exclusively to this news outlet, Store Manager George Kotsias confirmed that the new store was due to open in September but had suffered delays from road works and planning issues.

However, plans are well underway for recruiting and training the new employees needed to run the new Taka Taka. The one on Clifton Triangle currently has 15 team members whereas the New Bridewell branch will need 40 to cook, serve and staff the supermarket.

Once training is complete in January, half the Clifton Triangle staff will transfer with the new employees to New Bridewell. The other half will stay at Clifton Triangle with the rest of the recruits.

As befits a store whose name loosely translates from Greek into ‘fast’ or ‘quick’, George hopes the new store will cut the current waiting time of ten minutes or less.

Taka Taka has been a firm favourite with students since opening

Taka Taka has been a firm favourite with students since opening

Asked how many customers the original Taka Taka currently serves, George replied: “Monday through to Wednesday around 600 people, Thursday 700 and on the weekend around 1000 people a night.”

The new restaurant aims to serve a similar number of 5000-6000 people per week whilst maintaining the high level of quality that has made it such a Bristol icon. The food will be “Exactly how you like it, same exact pitta” with none of the stores being “Better or worse” than each other.

Taka Taka’s new location next to Cabot Circus has led to head office anticipating a higher footfall during the day as hungry office workers pop by to pick up a lunchtime snack. Nights are predicted to be less busy than those experienced at Clifton Triangle but nearby student accommodation will ensure a steady stream of customers around the clock.

The full delicious menu laid out in full online

The full delicious menu laid out in full online

The first Taka Taka opened in 2009 and after a strong start, it experienced a brief slump before roaring back to become a firm favourite with Bristol and its students. George credited its success to the warm atmosphere fostered at the restaurant. Each week the Triangle branch closes at 10pm on a Sunday to allow for a weekly team bonding night out to Mbargos.

George has known the owner, Mike, for 20 years. He says that when Mike comes to eat in store, he waits in like everyone else, with no special favours for anyone “Unless the Queen or David Beckham come here- they are the only two.”

As for the future, he confirmed that Taka Taka have plans to build a gastronomic empire in the South West, with Cardiff next in line for a new eatery. Asked about what he hopes the new store will achieve, George paused and reflected. “Our main aim?” he answered. “It’s just to make good food.