Love Island star Theo Campbell spotted in Mbargo Bristol

Thought he’d have better taste tbh

If you want to see the stars these days, don't look at the sky- Mbargo's Bristol is the place to be.

Two weeks after England cricketers Ben Stokes and Alex Hales were spotted there, Love Island star and 400 metre sprint sensation Theo Campbell was photographed at the Clifton Triangle nightclub yesterday evening.

According to Epigram, Theo "was very friendly towards Bristol students who were on a night out in the club" with third year law student Becky Puzey confirming that "I had a brief and romantic encounter with Theo, but I don’t like to kiss and tell."

The place where Love Island stars go to party

The place where Love Island stars go to party

The escapades of Theo's evenings were recorded on his Snapchat and Instagram stories. One clip showed a video of him singing whilst his Uber bumped into a man on the road. The Love Island star gallantly waited for help to arrive and the man was not seriously injured.

Medic fresher Megan Lyons told The Tab Bristol she was "Fucking gutted" to have missed out on seeing the star, adding that "My grief of missing out on a potential chirpse is like no other".

Photo credit: Becky Puzey. The Tab congratulates you on the 'encounter'!