Here’s what people at other unis genuinely think of Bristol and its students

Featuring A LOT of stereotypes

Bristol. It's a city with a rich history, beautiful surroundings, vibrant culture and the best bridge in all of Britain.

Needless to say however, NONE of these things were mentioned when we questioned students at other unis across the country about what they thought life here was like.

Below are a range of opinions from current undergrads- many of whom have never even visited the West Country- about what Bristol students actually get up to here…

"Hello there, we go to Bristol you know"

"Hello there, we go to Bristol you know"

"When describing your city, you use words like ‘massive’ and ‘one of a kind’ for every piece of it. You genuinely believe it’s more suited to be the capital than London." – Kurt, Falmouth

"My mate went to Bristol and took 10 illegal substances in his first year." – Jamie, Southampton

"Drugs." – Phoebe, Royal Holloway

"Posh and drugs."- Tom, Durham

"All former private school students who try to act as little posh as possible and think they're the edgiest students in the country. A bucket hat and a ket habit doesn't cover up the fact that your name is Quentin."- Barnabas, Edinburgh

Dat sweet, sweet, sterotype

Dat sweet, sweet, sterotype

"You went to this uni based on the fact Skins was filmed there. Edgy." – Freya, Liverpool

"Like 90% posh oxbridge rejects who can't wait to tell you about their gap yah/ski trip/ket habit."- Claddagh, Hull

"Dutty Reeboks but hasn't missed a ski season since Year 3."- Louisa, Sheffield

"Where independent thought and original character goes to die." – Tom, Southampton

"Without a doubt the most pretentious students. Shit vintage clothes and Red Stripe everywhere. You all look exactly the same but think you’re total individuals. Nothing about Bristol is as cool as Bristol students think it is."- Joe, Falmouth

Nobody even mentioned the ASS smdh

Nobody even mentioned the ASS smdh

"Probably from London, probably went to boarding school, probably a twat." – Jazmine, UWE

"Edgy try hards who attempt to forget that they're middle class by dressing in trackless and taking way too much ket."- Alex, York

"Just a lot of puffer jackets."- Libby, Falmouth

"Fairly similar to Manc students – fairly middle class, last about half a term in their old clothes from home before trading them in for only the waviest of garms. Basically trying a bit too hard to be edgy."- James, Manchester

"Have I told you about my gap year?"- Denzel, Sussex

We don't all dress like this

We don't all dress like this

"Bristol students love drugs, kilo sales and Motion." – Mared, Cardiff

"Too thick for oxbridge and think they're too cool for Durham."- Liam, Manchester

"Clever students who want to prove that they're edgy socialist revolutionaries so they can hide their middle-class backgrounds. Secretly use Daddy's allowance to buy drugs"- Ellen, Cambridge

"Good at memes."- Jonis, Goldsmiths

"A really lovely, wholesome place where you don't have to do drugs nor resemble a cheap Stormzy knock off."- No one, anywhere