McDonald’s can now be delivered to students across Bristol

Home delivery via UberEATS

The prayers of UoB students have finally be answered with the arrival of UberEATS to the city of Bristol.

For years, hungover wastrels everywhere have faced the awful dilemma of staying hungry in their bed or trudging off into the cold in search of food.

Yet, as The Bristol Post noted, with the arrival of UberEats this dilemma will no longer face students who can't hack the yomp across the city to find Nuggets, Quarter Pounders, fries and shakes.

Dreams do come true

Dreams do come true

The full menu is available right now- all you have to do to secure a delicious Maccy Ds is download the UberEATS app from your smartphone's app store.

Commenting on the news, first year Economics student Jack Lecompte called the move "The best thing since sliced bread" and predicted a spectacular increase in McDonalds sales in the university wide region.

Delivery through UberEATS is available every day from 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM, ensuring that Domino's early morning monopoly remains intact.

Unfortunately Stoke Bishop falls just outside of the area in which McDonald's does deliveries. Students here will need to cross the Downs and order food to the top of Whiteladies Road.