Here’s why it’s great being a girl in an all boy house

No judgement for eating tbh

It's two weeks since I moved into my first uni house with four guys and honestly, it's been a blast.

Beforehand I'd heard all the stereotypes and been told individual horror stories. I had to endure a summer of people continually telling me how “brave” I was to take on such a challenge, with sympathy in their eyes and pity in their voices.

But since coming back to Bristol I’ve found that- contrary to all prevailing rumours- it’s not been difficult AT ALL to live in a testosterone-filled man cave. It's even (dare I whisper it) been rather fun. Here is everything I've learnt about what it's like to live in an all boy house.

Lads lads ladssss

Lads lads ladssss

Discovering the joys of learning “man talk”

Discovering that boys are straightforward creatures who (almost) always speak their mind is one of the most welcome epiphanies I've had since starting university. Knowing that when your housemates say they’re “fine” – and genuinely mean it – is a great thing. Now, whilst not all women, and indeed men, say the opposite of what they mean, knowing that boys are almost always truthful in what they say can eliminate a lot of awkward tension.

You get an actual insight into the male mind

Having four boys on hand to ask any dating- related questions is an amazing bonus. If you want advice on what your love interest is thinking, whether you’re being unreasonable or how a guy would react in any given situation – having boys on hand who are already up to date with your story is perfect.

The absolute boys

The absolute boys

You can walk home after every party feeling safe.

Living with all men means you can walk home after any party feeling as safe as possible. Whilst this isn’t the ideal mind set – we should be teaching people not to hurt rather than how to avoid getting hurt – having four boys to walk home with you is the best we can hope for in the meantime.

You can have all the bathroom space you've ever wanted

Men are quite straightforward- shampoo, soap, razors. Women, however, tend to have a copious number of items. Therefore living with all men virtually guarantees that you’ll have more bathroom space than you would in a mixed environment, allowing you to spread your cosmetics far and wide.

10/10 solid breakfast

10/10 solid breakfast

You’re (almost) never judged for what you eat

Whether it’s cake for breakfast, or cereal for dinner, boys rarely ever question your food choices. Whilst there are potential dangers in the way they spur you on to eat a mountain of pasta rather than reminding you of the existence of vegetables, after an intense day of university this habit is all anyone could ever wish for.

The realisation that living with boys is like living with anyone else

At the end of the day, living with men is like living with anyone else– their hormones don’t change the situation too much. Yes, your house may become dirtier than others, and yes, perhaps it does hold up to fifty cans of Lynx– but at the end of the day you have four people to go home to that you can always count on.