How to get into Love Saves The Day and Tokyo World for free this summer

The best way to party this year

You know the drill – you’re broke but you still want to party. A lot. Well now you need fret no longer.

My Cause UK is a neat little company that recruits teams of volunteers to run the gates at festivals including Boomtown, Tokyo World, Love Saves the Day and Noisily festival, to name a few.

You pay a deposit to them and you can attend as many festivals with them as you want!

There’s plenty of perks too. Here’s six reasons you might want to consider volunteering this summer:

  1. Free entry to the festival:Volunteering with us also means you get a free ticket to the event. For Love Saves and Tokyo World, you are guaranteed to finish before 7, and therefore see the headliners (which include Fat Freddy’s Drop and Little Dragon)! You do have to make a deposit, but this is returned to you as soon as you’ve finished working with us.
  2. Free food:You’ll get a free meal ticket for every shift. You’ll also get free snacks, tea and coffee throughout. Plus for Bristol-based festivals you’ll get your bus fare paid from the city centre to the event.
  3. Crew camping facilities and special crew passes:For multiple day festivals like Boomtown you’ll get special camping for crew with access to crew showers (more likely to be hot than punter showers). And because you’re on the gates there’s no overnight shifts at Boomtown, Love Saves or Tokyo World. Winning!
  4. Guaranteed to work with your mates:Include the names of the friends you’d like to work with on your application and you’ll be scheduled to work at the same time so you can enjoy the festival together afterwards.
  5. You’ll raise money for charity:In your application you get to nominate any charity and to say thank you for giving your time at the festival My Cause will make a donation to them at no cost to you or to the charity. No fundraising on your part is involved.
  6. Gain events experience:My cause is a Bristol-organisation run by people who started out as festival volunteers. Get involved and they could give you the opportunity to apply as a team leader and work your way up.

You can apply by clicking here.