A brief guide to all the Bristol Metro Mayor candidates

Voting takes place in two days time

This Thursday, the combined local authorities of Bristol, Bath & North-East Somerset and South Gloucestershire are holding elections for a new ‘Metro Mayor’ in charge of new powers and funding over local housing, transport and employment policy.

The election comes on the same day as other regions of the country, such as Greater Manchester and Cambridgeshire, elect their own similar Metro Mayors as part of the government’s efforts to devolve more powers from Westminster to the rest of the country.

Clockwise from top left: Stephen Williams, Lesley Mansell, John Savage, Tim Bowles, Aaron Foot and Darren HallBelow is a succinct breakdown of each of the Bristol candidates and a selection of their promises:

Darren Hall, Green Party: Previously parliamentary candidate for the Bristol West constituency, promises to set up a Regional Business Investment Fund to focus and strengthen the local economy. Supports Clean Air Zones and investing more on cycling and walking spaces. Campaign page here.

Stephen Williams, Liberal Democrats: Former MP and Coalition Minister 2013-15. Ex Bristol student and Wills Hall resident. Promotes a cashless, unified transport system, and new late night bus routes. Aims to build 100,000 affordable and energy efficient homes in the next 20 years. Campaigns to fight a ‘Hard Brexit’. Campaign page here.

John Savage, Independent: Chairman of Bristol Royal Infirmary with 30 years’ experience of business management in Bristol. Campaigns for greater devolution from London, a more efficient transport system and employment training for young adults. Campaign page here.

All these people need to turn up and vote

Tim Bowles, Conservative: Promises to help make Brexit a success, transform our transport system, and promote urban regeneration projects. Campaign page here.

Lesley Mansell, Labour: Aims to provide reliable, green and accessible transport, build more social and affordable housing and roll our high-speed internet for the region. Campaign page here.

Aaron Foot, UKIP: Local farmer who wants to put local people first. Promises to open up decisions to locals by creating an online, direct democratic platform, protect the green belt and reduce wasteful government spending. Campaign page here.

More information on the election and the candidates can be found here.