The Tab Bristol’s SU officer endorsements

Who we think should be your representatives

This year’s team of SU officers have done an outstanding job at doing what most SU officials across the country do – complain a lot and incessantly support the NUS.

With this in mind, what a treat it is that 2017 has provided a smorgasbord of refreshing individuals ready to be voted in as your representatives for next year.

As a bitter 3rd year who has seen many SU officers come and go, I thought I’d bring it upon myself to advertise the individuals who seem like they could actually change things for the better (finally).

Without further ado, here are The Tab Bristol’s endorsements for SU officer.

You can vote right now on the SU website here. 


As the Union Affairs Officer is basically the King of the SU, you need someone who is charismatic, popular, and a great communicator.

Previous holders of the title have failed in their role because they were too nice.

Luckily, Stan Ford is just the right amount of nice, a funny guy, and very good at communicating with the the apathetic millennial hive that is Bristol’s student population.

If you want evidence of all this then check out his fantastic video right here.


This role needs someone who is brave enough to stand up to the university, DIGS lettings agency, and a large amount of mouse infested student halls.

Lucky Dube is by far the most qualified person for the role. A keen, driven individual who can out-debate anyone, Mr Dube has stood up to a variety of powerful institutions over the course of the last 3 years and has gained the respect of much of Bristol’s student population because of it.

Equipped with the best name in Bristol, Lucky has said he will fight to provide cheaper accommodation, work to increase funding for mental health services, and focus on improving diversity in halls.

Check out his manifesto right here. 


The Undergraduate Education Officer represents undergraduate students on an academic level and ensures that there is sufficient academic and welfare-related support is in place for them.

It’s a hard job but someone has to do it.

Despite there being stiff competition for the role this year the shining star of this election has got to be Josh Buxton.

A northern powerhouse, Josh is a disgustingly altruistic individual who incessantly sacrifices his own time to help others. Whether it comes to volunteering, teaching underprivileged students over the summer, or learning sign language – Josh is someone who was born to help out those less fortunate than him.

If you want a supporting father like figure in the SU next year – give your vote to Josh.

You can find Mr Buxton’s page here.


The Sport and Student Development Officer represents students’ interests in terms of sport, exercise and health.

The role needs a refreshing breath of fresh air and that person is – James Moulder.

Organised, always in his gym clothes and always in his gym clothes, let James worry about your sports society’s problems next year so you can do more of that exercise stuff *shudders*.

Find his Facebook page here. 


The Equality, Liberation and Access Officer leads on ensuring that all students’ voices are represented within the Union and University and leads on eliminating all barriers and forms of discrimination.

Amy’s manifesto is loaded with feasible policies informed by a long history of involvement with union policy and campaigning for refugees.

Finch also has by far and away the strongest animal-based campaign – having spent years watching out, eagle-eyed, for injustices like a Hawk and working to make the uni a fairer place.

You can find her page here.