Vote for Bristol’s most eligible bachelorette

Single ladies

After presenting the first male group of our prestigious competition, the ladies are finally here.

After receiving a huge amount of nominations following our article last week, we have cut down the group to a select few.

Vote at the bottom for who you think should be crowned Bristol’s most eligible bachelorette 2017.

Without further ado, here are our four fresh singletons:

Lulu Richards

“University of Bristol’s answer to Effy Stonem. Loves the parties at Churchill Hall, most often spotted at Lakota or Bargs. Her leopard print coat and fuck me eyes are her signature.” – Anonymous fan

Angelique Somers

“An exotic mix of Dutch and Vietnamese. Likes posting bikini pics from far-flung destinations and fighting people at Lola Los. Often seen brunching along Whiteladies with some sort of green smoothie or skinny soya no foam extra hot decaf latte. Needs a man who can keep up with her antics.” – Anonymous fan

Sophie Ricardo

“Bright, funny, and most importantly a good person. Any man would be lucky to have Sophie.” – Anonymous fan

Stephanie Anne

“Queen bee of Ancient History, this feisty Irish lass can drink most men under the table. Her silver tongue and biting sense of humour has put many a lad to shame. Needs a man who has brains AND brawn.” – Anonymous fan


“Very well house trained and readily available to be a companion. She hates long walks on the beach but is a sucker for fast food.” – Anonymous fan

Liv Moss

“Fun, flirty and feisty. She’s quick-witted and always down for laugh. A part-time model and despite her tendency for man-hating, we believe the right guy could make her fall to her knees.” – Anonymous fan

Lucy Clumpas

“Will be lapping up film maker awards at the Brits before you know it so get her while she’s hot. Loves musicians.” – Anonymous fan

Katherine Lepage

“This Bristol Jets cheerleader is spicier than a Nandos extra hot order and can often be found on the dance floor of Lola Los making shapes. . A fan of everything Adidas, this fun, outgoing and bubbly singleton is looking for the next Plato in her life, could you be the one?” – Anonymous fan