Bristol’s nightlife according to online reviews

A mixed bag

Home of the wavey garm, red stripe holders and apparently a lot of aggressive bouncers, Bristol offers an abundant variety of all kinds of nightlife. As a mildly alcoholic student I’m a tad biased- Bristol nightlife is fucking sick. However, I’ve taken some time to see what the rest of you lot think.

Nights out are full of memories, but what about when they’re significant enough that you feel a need to take to social media?

If you feel passionate enough to share your experience with 1.79 billion monthly Facebook users, I’m sure as hell happy to spend some time hearing about it.

The results are in and although there are some very pissed off customers, there are also those with an incredible love for the city.

It’s fair to say your reviews are as mixed as the range of drugs consumed at Bristol’s wavier clubs.

True to our city’s variety, your opinions are a right mix. To all of those who have experienced a bad night out in Bristol I’m truly sorry, but I won’t be taking to Facebook to write any reviews anytime soon, especially negative ones.

Maybe I’ll just write an online article about them instead?