Daisy Ingram
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It’s time to confirm who is Bristol’s Clubber of the Term!

It’s your turn to choose the Lord of the booze

With strikes at their peak, it’s Bristol’s Clubbers of the Week!

Deadlines are near, lets grab a beer?

Bristol Uni CLOSED from 2pm due to severe weather warning

Snow annoyed about this

This weather is peak, but it’s Bristol’s Clubbers of the Week!

Uni’s on strike, clubbing we like

Exams were bleak, so here’s the Clubbers of the Week!

Term two, Jäger bombs on you?

We spoke to Bristol girls about ‘grey rape’ and why it needs to stop

Consent is consent, grey rape is not a thing

Unquestionably chic, it’s the Clubbers of the Week!

Week 8, Jäger bombs mate?

Sure to make you shriek, it’s Clubbers of the Week!

Dressed up scary and getting lairy

Forever on fleek, it’s the Clubbers of the Week!

Week 4, let’s sesh some more

Go on have a peek, it’s the Clubbers of the Week!

Full of fresh who love to sesh

Bristol’s nightlife according to online reviews

A mixed bag

The Apple is Bristol Uni’s favourite pub

Warning – may contain terrible boat puns

What’s the best pub in Bristol?

Down it fresher

Buy-to-sell culture has saved our students

Alan Sugar would be proud

I tried to use Tinder to make friends

People had other ideas

A month into first year, a stranger put drugs in my drink at pre-drinks

I woke up in the morning with an ambulance note and no recollection of the night before