Man’s finger chopped off outside PamPam’s

Violence on The Triangle

Last night an unidentified man had his finger cut off while on a night out on the triangle.

According to witnesses there was an altercation between the victim and assailant outside of Barclays that resulted in much blood being splattered on the floor.

Although police were called to the scene, it is unclear as to whether any arrests were made.

One woman who witnessed the attack said that she saw two men ‘having at each other’ on the street.

According to a member of staff outside of Analog the attack took place outside Pam Pams. He said that the victim was a local man in his late twenties whose ‘index finger is missing’ in the aftermath of the attack.

The combination of blood loss and shock caused the victim to pass out and he is believed to have been taken to hospital.

Although the finger is still missing, the victim is believed to be alive and well.