Saskia Bamber

Saskia Bamber
Bristol University


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Bromances are scientifically proven to improve men’s lives and are more important than relationships

‘Masculinity is no longer this debilitating curse’

Activists protest Bristol Uni’s involvement in animal experimentation

They lit up a motor way bridge in St Pauls

There’s nothing wrong with having sex on the first date

What’s up with the stigma?

Police deny Bristol serial killer rumours after three unexplained deaths

A number of young men have been found in Bristol’s waterways

There’s now a lipstick for your vagina and I have some questions. The first one is ‘how dare you’

The tagline for this product is literally ‘because your other lips get chapped too’

Bristol University announces plans to divest funds from companies with the highest carbon footprint

A step in the right direction

We sent a UOB student to UWE for the day

They have a Starbucks!

Computer Science student gets an Uber to Bristol instead of home to Brixton

It cost him £467

Bristol lecturer investigated by University for saying Jews ‘privilege’ the holocaust

Her remarks have been compared to ‘holocaust denial’

Why are avocados so expensive?

A modern tragedy

We spoke to the girl who went viral after she spoke out about 50 Shades’ problem with consent

‘People sent me rape threats’

Man’s finger chopped off outside PamPam’s

Violence on The Triangle

Pink Week is underway in Bristol

With a whole host of events

We went to the Donald Trump protest in Bristol last night

Over 3000 people gathered on College Green

Enough: student welfare at Bristol needs to be prioritised

It’s time for change

‘Bristol University is sweeping student mental health problems under the rug’

Two previous Senior Residents speak out

All the places in Bristol you can go to for help if you’re a student experiencing mental health problems

A helpful list

Bristol University spends £32 a year on counselling for each student

A worrying figure

We went to Bristol’s biggest feminist protest – Reclaim The Night

I love a good protest

Three freshers have committed suicide in Bristol this term alone, and the uni says nothing

The University say they’re unrelated

61% of Bristol students think consent classes should be mandatory

According to the Tab’s consent class survey

Apparently, swearing is unprofessional and unladylike

I’ll spit as many ‘profanities’ as I like

An interview with Bex Ilsley, the artist who started her career on Instagram

She’s been promoted by Miley Cyrus

Bristol SU send out open letter against fee rises

Enough is enough

Do you take Drugs in Bristol? The BBC wants you!

*rolls joint in excitement*

Read the article from the student who accuses girls of crying wolf over sex they regret

He’s got a big vocabulary and a tiny brain

We spoke to the anti-fracking protesters on the Triangle

Frack Off

Bristol votes to remain with the NUS

After 4 days of relentless campaigning

Hillary Clinton’s words on abortion and the right to choose mean so much for so many women

‘I wish the world was more understanding, so it doesn’t feel like a guilty secret’

A rape survivor recreated her attack to show how easily it can happen

She invited people to Oxford uni accommodation to watch it

Shout out to the Czech football coach who ordered sexist players to train with the women’s team

The real MVP

A play set in Ancient Egypt was cancelled because the cast was too white

There were fears it would be ‘white-washing’

Young women are most likely to suffer from mental health problems, says new study

I am one of the 26 per cent of 16-24 year old girls who have struggled with depression

All the terms women wish you would stop using

‘Hormonal’ was the description people hated the most

It’s growing season! How to respond when a loser asks about your body hair

Who shaves their legs when it’s cold outside? Nobody, that’s who

Depression at Bristol: A personal account

A student speaks out

Obviously Theresa May isn’t a feminist, she’s been screwing women over for years

Harriet Harman said the PM was ‘no sister’ to the movement – and she’s right

We found the best dressed students at the freshers’ fair

Wavy Garms

A farewell to Val from Bake Off, the nation’s lovely granny

Why do bad things happen to good people???

H&M’s ‘Lady’ campaign is hypocritical, not empowering

This is the same company who pulled plus sized clothes from their stores and used child refugee labour

What not to do as a Bristol Fresher

A guide

Brace yourselves girls, they’ve just invented a car ‘for women’

Finally we can drive!!!

Bunker is now called Analog after change of management

The end of an era

Grammar schools aren’t great for social mobility, they aren’t great for anyone

All they do is preserve an archaic system

I spoke to a 22-year-old Freemason on the 300th anniversary of the secret society

The Loughborough student says it’s just like being in an American fraternity

University of Bristol fees are being raised to £9250

Here we go again

How to stay calm while you wait for your A Level results

You will survive, no matter what happens

The reality of growing up as a fundamentalist Christian

I wasn’t allowed to read Harry Potter

I spent a week on the rainbow diet

So many colours

One in three people admit to Facebook stalking their ex

But there are yet more reasons we shouldn’t be friends with them

Confessions: Your most awkward morning-after pill story

The good, the bad, and the downright ugly

Posh and poor: What it’s like being on benefits at private school

Living on benefits during one of the biggest austerity drives in history wasn’t easy

We asked people in the ASS what feminism means

‘A balance of men and women’