BREAKING: University buildings evacuated after accidental explosive substance created

90g of dangerous Acetone Peroxide

Students and staff have been evacuated from university buildings after 90g of Acetone was accidentally oxidised.

Acetone Peroxide has been used as an explosive substance by terrorists as recently as the 2016 Brussels bombings.

It is often referred to by its trimer name – TATP.

Due to its high susceptibility for accidental detonation the chemical has been labelled the “Mother of Satan.”

Four fire engines and a chemical unit from Avon Fire and Rescue Service have rushed to the scene. A safety barrier has been extended around the area and even reaches Whiteladies Road.

A spokesman from the university said: “Our chemistry building has been evacuated as a precaution due to an unstable substance being manufactured.

“The substance is being disposed of safely and we are working with the fire brigade to ensure the building is safe.”

A 3rd year chemistry student who wished to remain anonymous gave us his opinion on the accident:

‘Seeing 5 fire engines coming to deal with one enormous fuck up makes my £9k feel much more valuable’