UOB has put an end to book fines in all Uni libraries


Today the library is abolishing fines for late returns.

In a surprising move, the library has said they do not want ‘to impose financial penalties’ on students and are introducing ‘auto renewals’ for people who forget to renew their books online or otherwise.

According to the library website, students will only be fined for ‘late return of requested items.’

The ‘legendary’ ASS library

In the meantime, all fines will be waived to make way for the new system. You can also just ask the library nicely and they’ll do it for you.

And that’s not all. For anyone who gets frustrated by the limit of 25 books on your account, you’ll be pleased to know that the limit is being raised to 40. That includes up to 4 ‘One Day Loan’ books. If any of your books are requested by other people, the Library will get in touch.

The library has added it that it hopes everyone will ‘do the right thing’ and return requested items on time.

These changes, long overdue (no pun intended) will hopefully mean students no longer have to pay huge amounts in fines for books people don’t even want to read.

Finally the library is being helpful for once.

More details on the changes can be found here.