Jack Whitehall was at Lola Lo last night

And he brought his cheeky smile

Everybody loves a good night out at Lola’s. The Jägerbombs are cheap, the decor is exotic, and the music is often ok.

This is what last night’s revellers expected when they poured onto the Tuesday night dancefloor. What they were not expecting was to party alongside everybody’s favourite young comedian Jack Whitehall.

Jack came down to the Triangle’s most colourful club to have a classic Bristol night out with some old friends.

Unable to escape his Fresh Meat fame, the cheeky 28-year-old posed for photos with countless adoring fans and had to steer clear of the affections of many young student women.

This controlled approach to the club’s female attendees will doubtlessly be praised by the actress Gemma Chan who has been his partner since 2011.

The question is, will Clique Tuesdays at Lola’s become a frequent celebrity haunt?