You can now see how many free seats there are in all Uni libraries

With the new UOB pilot scheme

The winter exam season is a tough time for Bristol’s busy students.

While freezing cold temperatures make it difficult to get out of bed, exams lurk around every corner and most are condemned to revise in the library all day.

Every student knows the heartache that comes from heaving yourself to the library to then find no free seats available. Even with an extra room in the ASS library, many people are still forced to sit on the floor or face walking across the street to the dingy Science building.

Luckily, the Uni has registered our cries of complaint and has launched a pilot scheme that shows the approximate number of seats available in all the main university study spaces.

The page, which you can find here, is being tested out from the 9th to the 20th of January.

Although the page only updates every hour for the main study spaces, it is hoped that with student feedback and further testing it will show more accurate data in the future.

3rd Year Politics and IR student Harry Ingram said: “I love how they’ve probably spend loads of money on this but failed in letting any students know about it! What’s the point?”