The Apple is Bristol Uni’s favourite pub

Warning – may contain terrible boat puns

After much tension and angry key-board typing, the answer to one of the most pressing questions ever to face Bristol, England or heck maybe even the world, has finally been found.

Bigger than Brexit, more controversial than Trump, The Apple is Bristol Uni’s favourite pub (it’s aboat time).

We ran a poll asking you, Bristol’s students, what your favourite pub was in this fine city.

Over 1000 people voted over the last week and we can now reveal the results.

Bottom of the pile

Bottom of Park Street and bottom of the list. Greenhouse would seem to be the Lib Dem of the group, pulling in a lousy 12 votes.

Somehow The Brass Pig conjured up 55 votes, I can only assume they sent out a threat telling all staff to vote. This still wasn’t enough to earn them a top ranking however, what a pity.

The battle of the Spoons

The second year voters must have been out in force, as WG Grace managed to sneak it’s way into the top spot out of the 3 Spoons with 200 votes

The Berkeley can be found trailing 60 votes behind, which just shows that size isn’t everything (breathe boys).

V Shed pulled in a mere 27 votes, proving that Riverside students are in fact horribly dull and don’t even go to the pub.

Your champions

In true Somerset fashion, they are both cider pubs.

With a mere 42 votes between them, The Cori Tap could only sneak it’s way into number two, proving that in Bristol you really do need a little bit of edginess to be top dog – take note freshers.

So, floating up into the top spot is The Apple, proving it to be the true Codfather of Bristol pubs. As always, Bristol students have to be different, as they seased the day and gave 350 votes to our wavey cider boat.

The Apple really is the perfect place to disguise your trust fund, as you pretend that the student deals are the best thing to happen in life since you realised there are cheaper alternatives to Champagne…yeah bouy!