Bristol vet students launch charity to help homeless people and their pets

Calling all animal lovers

Everyone knows that dogs are amongst the most wondrous creatures and that we are lucky to share our planet with.

For people struggling with poverty and isolation, the valuable bond between man and dog is even more crucial. Homeless dog owners have a constant companion, their pet acting as both motivation and comfort, something to vastly improve the quality of life of the people who are most in need.

Two eager volunteers raising awareness for the charity

Yet homeless people face a lot of difficulties when it comes to looking after their furry companions. For example, Homeless Link estimates that 93% of hostels in the UK still don’t allow dogs on their premises, leaving homeless people with the devastating choice between safe accommodation and their beloved dogs.

Bristol veterinary students are challenging these issues, by founding the Bristol Paws Project, a charity dedicated to providing practical help for homeless people and their pets in the Bristol area.

Part of the team of kind veterinary students behind the charity prepare for their cake sale

The Bristol Paws Project has embarked on a clear mission, involving collecting and distributing pet supplies, assisting veterinary clinics to provide essential pet care and free preventative medicines, supporting shelters and existing homeless organisations, and raising awareness amongst the homeless of the current resources available to them.

If Rosie can’t convince you to support the charity, who can?

In order to raise the funds needed to get the charity up and running, BPP are running a range of fun events that anyone can participate in, including a veterinary spin on ‘Take Me Out’, and a ‘Dress as a Dog to Lectures Day’.

People can also enter the charity’s competition by sending in their favourite photos of themselves and their dog.

If you’re unable to attend any of these events, you can also help out by donating via cheque or bank transfer, by emailing [email protected] for more details.

Alternatively, if you have any pet supplies that you’d like to donate for a great cause, you can do this via the charity’s Amazon wish list, simply search ‘Bristolpawsproject’ here.

Puppy cuddles kindly provided by Elf at the BPP cake sale

You can follow the Bristol Paws Project’s progress on Facebook here.