Presenting Bristol’s Best Female Bum 2016

And the winner is…

Over 5000 of you voted for your favourite female arse in our prestigious Bristol’s Best Bums competition.

A week has passed and now it’s finally time to reveal your female champion.

Step forward you luscious lady…

Loretta De La Tush

In a two-horse race, Loretta came out on top, with a whopping 40.63% of the vote. This bodacious beauty came close to breaking the internet and has proved herself to be the Kim Kardashian of Clifton.

Close behind Loretta was 2nd place silver medallist…

Asstrid Smith

Pipped to the post by a mere 151 votes, Asstrid claimed an impressive 37.95% of Bristol students. Hats off (and clothes) to this plump peach of a posterior.

Bringing up the rear in third place was…

Mandy McButt

With a valiant 18.35% Mandy completes our trio of the finest bums in Bristol.

Barry Manilow once wrote a song called “Mandy”- we’re guessing she must have looked as good as this.

Thanks to all those arse appreciators who voted!