Law Ball tickets sell out in under 30 minutes

30 measly minutes

The award-winning Law Club Winter Ball has once again left students disappointed at the ticket desk.

Students were queuing up to an hour before the tickets went on sale at 1pm today in Wills Memorial Building foyer waiting to buy the sought after entry tickets.

The law ball is famed for its extravagance, largely due to the deep-pocketed sponsors brought in by the committee, and this year is set to be impressive once again; event organisers promise a three course meal; a champagne reception; trapeze artists; a climate controlled igloo with frozen cocktails; log cabin bar; free frozen yoghurt AND candy floss.

The first release on Wednesday sold out in 45 minutes and the remaining 80 sold today.

With tickets going for £55 a pop (without membership), students are understandably disappointed that such a popular event requires camping out for an hour before sales just to get a ticket.

Law students were seen attempting to work whilst wasting their afternoons in the hopes of securing a ticket.

Some students were in the queue forty minutes before the sale and yet still didn’t secure a ticket.

Yes, I was one of the ones queuing an hour before

Entertainment-only tickets will be on sale on Monday so there is still hope for those desolate students who were stuck at the back.