Bristol’s NUS delegate elections are almost over

Vote now

Almost everyone in the uni will have realized by this point that back in October students overwhelmingly voted to remain affiliated to the National Union of Students, or NUS.

Elections for our new reps are already in full swing, with voting closing at 11pm today. The best way to be represented by the NUS is to vote for our reps.

To raise awareness of the incoming voting deadline and to help you express your democratic rights we’ve compiled a list of a few of the candidates:

James Heale – Ex-leader of the Bristol Out of NUS campaign and the #1 reform candidate. James claims he will ‘heale’ the NUS and vows to fight antisemitism while supporting a One Man One Vote election systen.

You can find James’ campaign page here.


Zac Muddle – A self-declared ‘socialist feminist’. Running aims include more ‘links with the workers’ movement’, reversing all privatization in the NHS and making. Higher Education workers’ contracts more secure. Policies might reflect his surname.

Zoe Backhouse – Current Bristol SU Rep for Undergraduate Education. Advocates for NUS transparency, free education for all and a more representative student politics. In for a chance.

You can find Zoe’s campaign page here.

Jonathan Godsi – Member of Bristol’s JSoc. Current aims include fighting antisemitism in the NUS and beyond, cutting waste in NUS spending and ensuring a ‘one member, one vote’ system for electing the President of the NUS. A refreshing candidate.

Conrad Young – 3rd Year Ancient History Student. Hopes to elect Richard Brooks as the next NUS President due to Richard’s ‘natural charisma’ and sense of style. Campaign slogans include ‘Why not?’ and ‘I have the best words.’ One to watch.

You can find Conrad’s campaign page here.

These students and 23 others like them hope to represent the University of Bristol at Brighton in April 2017.

To make the NUS respect our views more, you too should vote.

The voting page can be found here.