These are the craziest folks from Bristol Zombie Walk 2016


Yesterday marked the return of the annual Bristol zombie walk with hundreds of people storming the streets of Bristol.

We followed the undead hordes across Cabot Circus from the Bearpit to the Fleece. While some opted for classic outfits (I’ve seen enough Harley Quinn for a lifetime) others got more inventive.

Here a few of our favourites:

A cooler family than mine

Even though some costumes had us scared it was still a family friendly event

This terrifying fella

Beware of rabbits

Mr Face-Is-Melting-Off

He had us convinced they were brains until he offered us some from the packet

These Fearsome Zombie Hunters

Its Nerf or nuffin

A rogue appropriator of cultures

*shakes fist*

Bloody hell what is that thing