Bristol students tell us what they think of the NUS

“What’s the NUS?”

At 10pm tomorrow the polls will close for Bristol’s NUS disaffiliation referendum.

While both sides have put forward respectable cases,  arguments are still raging all over social media and on Bristol’s busy streets over whether staying or leaving the National Union of Students is the right choice to make.

We decided to talk to students on the street face to face to get their earnest opinions on an  institution that some students want so desperately to disassociate themselves from.

Serena Sekhon, 2nd Year History student

“I think it’s a flawed institution, I don’t see what it adds to anything.”


Luke Sanders

“I love the discount card. I also think they have a lot of good campaigns.”


Zahc Dunnet

“What’s the NUS?”


Ismael Raza

“The NUS doesn’t represent me when really that should be its main purpose. It alienates so many people and makes students look stupid with radical actions and anti-semitic statements. We should definitely disaffiliate and make our own path.”


Alice Russen

“I hate the NUS, lets party without them!”


Jay-me Maclure

“They give us a kind of a national voice, so I guess that’s good.”


Roger Hayllar 

“Anyone who knows anything about the NUS would vote out.”


Max Thackray

“NUS makes me think of ANUS.”

You can vote in the referendum on the SU website here.