Stoke Bishop freshers tell us how much they rate their halls

Rahs, drugs, blocked toilets and orgies, and drugs

Now that freshers’ week is in the distant past and us first years have settled into our new homes, we decided to speak to the inhabitants of Stoke Bishop to get the low down on what people in the different halls are like, and how Bristol has treated them in their first few weeks of being a uni student. Here are the people who were willing to stand still while I took a photo, with some anonymous answers from those who were too scared to face the wrath from their flat mates.

Hiatt Baker – Rajan Palan 

How would you rate the people on your floor/flat?

Quite laddish but friendly and lots of people everywhere so there’s always someone. People go out a lot, I could wake up at anytime and there will be people talking about going out or going out

Most awkward moment so far?

When everyone clogged the toilet and I walked into the loos and the cleaners were talking about how terrible it is so I turned away because I didn’t want them to think it was me

Do you have a picture of the toilet?



How are the people on your floor?

I really don’t like the Avicii on my floor, I wish I was in Badock because they do more drugs.

Any awkward moments so far?

I moved into the wrong room and was there for three days until the girl’s parents walked in and saw me.

Best moment?

Getting laid.

Wills – James Heale 

Does Wills fit the rah stereotype?

The popular image of Wills is that it’s full of Hooray Henrys drunk on prosecco-fuelled privilege. Both my manservants agree that’s deeply unfair.

Most awkward moment?

Two members of my block got off together in Bunker. 20 seconds of hot passion on the dance floor followed by 10 months of awkward eye contact in the lunch hall.

University Hall 


Are the people in Uni Hall social?

Yeah the halls are really good, people go out quite regularly – always someone up for going out.

Any awkward moments so far?

Leading a guy on, paring him off and seeing him the day after.

Best moment?


Badock – Eleanor Wright

How are the people on your flat?

Half are nice, but someone left after the second day.

Any awkward moments so far?

Some girl tried to fight me on the bus because I sat next to her boyfriend.

Because you’re in Badock, done any drugs yet?



Most awkward moment so far?

My whole flat had an orgy in the kitchen – 3 girls one guy.

Okay…best moment?

The orgy, it was great.

Durdham – Graham Bennie 

What are the people in Durdham like?

Eclectic mix of people but the flats are ill mixed.

Best moment so far?

When people from Hiatt Baker helped me out when I was passed out for two hours.

Churchill – Dominic Ryder

Most awkward moment?

When this girl I pulled interviewed me for The Tab.

Best moment?

Pulling my interviewer.