Bristol is the ninth most expensive place in the world to be a student

We pay just under £3000 a month

Research conducted by Savills  has revealed that Bristol is the ninth most expensive place in the world to live as a student.

The research, taking into account accommodation costs and tuition fees among other things has revealed that international students pay just under £3000 on average a month to populate Bristol’s arty streets.

As well as being the ninth most expensive place for students to live in the world, the survey also revealed that Bristol is the second most expensive UK city to live in as a student coming behind only the capital itself.

For many students, this information will come as little surprise considering the amount of money they spent last year in Lola Lo’s and the rising cost of accommodation fees. 

The rankings were topped by Boston, housing two of the most prestigious universities in the world, M.I.T. and Havard University, where the average living cost for students is a massive £4500 per month.

The rise of the European university is a factor that Marcus Roberts, director of student investment and development at Savills, thinks will change the pressure placed on English speaking universities that people still chose to attend every year despite the cheaper alternatives.

Despite the dominance of US cities in the leader board, the appearance of London, Bristol and Manchester in the top 25 may alter how prospective 6th form students decide where to study.

However, if current overcrowding in Wills Hall is anything to go by then the affects of expensive living may not be as costly as is supposed.

After all, whats a student loan if its not all wasted on Jagerbombs and Waitrose premium gnocchi anyway?