Police have issued a warning to anyone dressed as a ‘killer clown’

The saga continues

The Avon and Somerset Constabulary have put out a statement to anyone who thinks it’s funny to dress up as a ‘killer clown.’

They issued a warning stating that anyone dressed in garish circus wear and donning a red nose ‘may end up committing an offence.’

The warning comes following local reports of people dressed as clowns ‘behaving in an anti social and threatening manner.’  In Gloucester, some clowns have been holding knives and following people. This follows a nationwide trend of ‘killer clown’ sightings.

Students eagerly looking to get the ‘perfect’ halloween costume should be mindful of people who are growing increasingly and legitimately coulrophobic. A police spokesman has said they have graded such incidents as ‘grade 1 emergencies’ that limit their ability to attend other incidents.

Jokers will be ‘dealt with appropriately’ whether intentions are sinister or not.