Bristol Economics Society prepare to break world record

They’re putting themselves on the map

Economics, Finance and Management Society is not a name that you hear around campus a lot. Although their name does little to excite and their connection to banking does nothing to help their image, EFM have taken a big step in the right direction.

The society is suddenly breaking the mould and branching out by trying to do something huge on Bristol University Campus.

Social sec Anthony Vijaykumar decided there was only one way to reach the top: break the world record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Peter Pan.

Anthony says his inspiration came from his love for all things Peter Pan:

“He was my favourite Disney cartoon as a child, so I would love for everyone to dress up and also break a world record at the same time.”

The World record currently stands at 289, but EFM calculate that with 500 or so people on their parenting scheme, a 60% turnout would grab them the win.

This monumental event is taking place on October 18th.

The Tab Bristol will be covering the event exclusively and, of course, I too will be dressed as Peter Pan.